International Marketing Group

specializes in B2B CATI, when it’s necessary to speak

with a hard-to-reach audience (senior managers,

field experts, VIP audience), as well as prepares

the reports in the survey results and gives the recommendations for our clients.

We have performed more than 500 successful research and consulting projects for the last 10 years.


Our clients

• Shell (2 rank)

• Siemens (47 rank)

• BP (4 rank)

• Lukoil (69 rank)

• Totall (11 rank)

• Basf (71 rank)

• Phillips (12 rank)

• Sanofi-Aventis (187 rank)

• BNP Paribas (26 rank)

• Itochu (201 rank)

• Nestle (42 rank)

• Sberbank (298 rank)

We offer conduction of CATI surveys in B2B market of any complexity.

We help our clients in the following kinds of work:

1. Choice of the target audience for survey

2. Drawing up a questionnaire

3. Survey conduction

4. Preparation of the analytical report

in the survey results

Our offer


Our services are cheaper than the services of the other research companies – we reduced expenses for conducting surveys to a minimum due to the efficient work system.


Specialization in B2B market – we have been working with B2B segment for more than 10 years and have our own effective methods of gathering and processing the information.


High feasibility of the hard-to-reach audience – specialists of the company have a great experience of conducting surveys and work according to the questionnaires and scripts individually worked out for every client.


International recognition

Certified Research Company by EBRD

Certificate of Gabriel Al-Salem International

Contest among the Consulting Companies

Global Compact Member (UN project)



Inter State Group











LLC “Inter State Group” is a successful trader of the non-metallic minerals of Ukraine in particular – rock stone. In 2008 the specialists of “International Marketing Group” performed the project “Search for the consumers of granite macadam in Ukraine” for the company.


This research work helped LLC “Inter State Group” to study the market in a better way, determine the consumers’ wants and needs and develop a promotion strategy of the products more successfully.


LLC “Inter State Group” recommends the company “International Marketing Group Ukraine” as a reliable partner and a well-qualified specialist in gathering and processing the business-information, conducting market research, market analysis and surveys.












Development Director

LLC “Inter State Group”

     Vitaliy Krinizkiy


Shell East Europe Company Limited


Representation Office in Ukraine/Moldova

Office 3A, 9/2, B. Vasilkovskaya St.

01004 Kiev






The concern “Shell” appeared at the beginning of the XX century and won the leading positions in the global energetic market having become the prototype of the modern vertically integrated companies. The scope of the global business of “Shell” is unique: geological exploration and oil and gas production are held in more than 36 countries of the world; “Shell” has about 2.5% of the global oil production and 3% of the natural gas, and it contains 46 thousand of petrol stations; “Shell” is completely or partially owns more than 50 oil refinery plants; “Shell” is a leader in sales of lubricants in the world. In 2006 the net profit of “Shell” amounted to 26.3 billion dollars.


“International Marketing Group” cooperated with the concern “Shell” in the project “Preparation of the data for analyzing of the premium class oil market in Ukraine”. In short terms a great scope of information was processed qualitatively and accurately by the research company for the convenient usage by the client.


The concern “Shell” recommends the company “International Marketing Group” as a reliable business partner both in gathering, processing and analyzing the information and in preparing complete research reports.


Yatsenko T. V.

Marketing and advertising manager




Shell East Europe Company Limited is a member of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies

Registered in England: No. 2231127

Registered office: Shell Centre, London SE 1 7NA Tel: (171) 934 1234


MGI Consulting









The company MGI Consulting has been performing its activity in the market of auditing and consulting services in Ukraine since 1992. It is a member of the worldwide association of independent auditors Midsnell Group International (London, Great Britain). Today it is one of the leading auditing companies in Ukraine with reliable business goodwill. It is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine since 2002. Nowadays, MGI Consulting is included in top three most successful auditing companies of Ukraine.


With this letter, we would like to express our respect to the company IMG – “International Marketing Group” with which there was held the mutual work in the project particularly in marketing research of the market of the uninterruptible power supply units, hi-frequency air-conditioners and diesel generators in Ukraine. During the mutual work IMG demonstrated its professionalism, competence and the ability to perform its work qualitatively in short terms. IMG has well-trained and qualified experts who showed their ability to orientate in difficult and specific segments of the Ukrainian market.


MGI Consulting recommends a research company “International Marketing Group” as a reliable business partner in the sphere of market research and analysis in Ukraine.



Yours faithfully,




Dmitriy Sushko

General Director






Kiev 01011, Ukraine, Gorkogo St. 11/11, office 2, fax: +38 (044) 569-15-62, cell: +38 (067) 236-17-98



MGI Consulting is a member of MGI. A worldwide association of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms.

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